20151215_122305_resized_1Why Are We Knitting?  We are knitting because this is another basic structure of textiles.  In order to work well with man-made textiles, it is best of understand the construction of those materials.  Plus, we are learning a skill which you can further develop into a means of producing functional attire.

Goals of the Assignment: Students will create a sampler practicing the knitting techniques of casting on, knitting, changing color, and binding off. Students will then choose the materials to incorporate into their own final knitting, a scarf. The scarf will demonstrate a comprehension of knitting techniques and showcase an understanding of combining colors and textures.


Knitting Project

Knitting Info questions

Knitting Info

Knitting Plan

Knitting How To

Knitting Swatch


Extreme Knitting

Jacqui Fink – Extreme Knitter

Arm Knitting

Beginning Knitting Help

Binding Off

Various Knitting Finishes

Knitting is Healthy!





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