dannii-72Why Are We Painting and Bleaching? Bleaching allows us to manipulate the fabric’s color to not be limited to what is bought or machine produced.  Painting allows us to add our own unique designs and details to a fabric’s surface.  The more we know how to manipulate the fiber/textiles available to us, the more we can create a unique one of a kind expression in fibers.

Goals of the Assignment: Students will create a sampler practicing bleaching and painting on various fabrics to create a variety of looks inspired by the patterning of the aboriginal artwork. Students will then choose the materials to incorporate into their own final artwork. The final fiber art will demonstrate the comprehension of bleaching and painting techniques and showcase an understanding of combining colors and textures to create a unified artwork.


Paint Bleach Project


Pam Glew

Interesting T Shirt Bleach Manipulations



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