stitch samplerWhy Are We Stitching? We are stitching because it is a means to attach fabric to fabric as well as add texture, details, and design to an existing textile.  The embroidery techniques we will cover will allow you to create your own imagery in fiber works of art.

Goals of the Assignment:  Create a well composed image and render it using color pencils and thread.  The image should include a center of interest with lines of movement guiding the viewer’s eyes toward the emphasis, balancing the overall composition.  Each stitchery will demonstrate the control of creating full range of tonal values which convey form and volume through the use of color and textures.


Stitchery Project

Stitching basics

Drawing Textures

History of Embroidery Questions

History of Embroidery



How To Stitch Videos

Bayeux Tapestry History

Bayeux Tapestry Animated History

Simpsons Bayeux Tapestry


Sophie Standing

Hilary Fayle’s Stitched Leaves


Embroidered Eyes Sam Gibson

Vacation Embroideries Teresa Lim



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